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International Development Studies
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Anne- Emanuelle Birn

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IDSB04 - Lecture 2 Chp. 4 September 21 2010 Week 1 review -history of international health -plague, imperialism, colonialism -Early sanitary conferences and offices -Rockefeller Foundations Legacy -Industrialization and calls for reform and revolution -Some historical internal health operatives What is policy? -Policy: decisions made by those with responsibility for a given area (policy makers) -Public policy: whatever a government decides to do or not to do -Policies not just single decisions but sets of decisions that define a broader course of action What is health policy? -Public and private policies about health: courses of action (and inaction) that affect the set of institutions, organizations, services, and funding arrangements of the health care system. -The complex web of actionsintended actionsinactions of organizations external to the health c
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