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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04- Lecture 5 Chp. 6 October 52010 Epidemiologic Terms See Table 6-1, p.243-244 Endemic disease: the occurrence in a community or region of cases of an illness, specific health related behaviour, or other health related events clearly in excess of normal expectancy. (ex. chicken pox in Canada) Demographic Transition See Box 2-2, p31-32 From high mortality, high fertility societies to low mortality, low fertility societies. Demographic Transition o Stage 1: high birth rate; high but fluctuating death rate o Stage 2: declining death rates and continuing high birth rates o Stage 3: Declining birth and death rates o Stage 4: lower death rates and low, but fluctuating birth rates Demographic Transition?? Based on observation of certain European population patterns o Not necessarily generalizable No explaination of how or by what mechanism changes take place Why did fertility rates decline in the past? Possible reasons for fertility rate declines Shift from subsistence agriculture to factory Higher cost of children Increase in womens education and paid work Social security systems Longer workday less leisure time Epidemiologic Transition See Box 2-4, p40-41 Long term shifts in overall mortality rates and patterns of disease As infectious diseases recede (and life expectancy increases), they are replaced by degenerative and so called human made diseases Process accompanies development 3 Transition Stages 1. Pestilence and famine Low life expectancy High Mortality rates High swings in mortality Little population growth www.notesolution.com
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