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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 5Tuesday February 08 20111111 AMPostdevelopment continued1KnowledgeAll the texts that are produced in the work of development NGOs IMF World Bank academics governments constructs development Postdevelopment writers are saying that this language is not neutral and specifically establishes those in power knowledge is related to power We need to question this field because theyre writing from sights of power We also need to see which perspectives are shut outPowerThose who write empower themselves by making their discourse the standard the actual knowledge They basically claim theyhave the solutions for development and give themselves the right to act on these solutions The writing has a material implication on somebodys live Development is the organizing and managing concept of our timeSpivak says that development is not only territorial but a project that Postdevelopment identifies the creation of the 3d world as subjects 2creates subjects to be governed The 3d world was brought about by the West and it was based on the idea of what people mustbecome not who they are Esteva Development constructs the idea of the 3d world and idea of underdevelopeddevelopment discourse normalizes the We
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