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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 6Tuesday February 15 20111113 AMThe Politics of RepresentationRajaram The representation of refugeesThe refugee is just a body of physical mass Refugees are just bodies that exist in tentsThe representaiton of refugees has nothing to do with the refugee but everything to do with us It works in the interest of the organizations that are involved They construct the idea of a refugee Creating the history struggle and despair of a refugee operates through a filter that is mediated through Western outlets Discursive formations the idea that Edward Syed is the process through writing print television etc media of scholars that depict the 3d world subject country issue such as povertyEx failed collapse and weak and fragile states The language of failed states emerged in the 90s bc of protracted warfare in African states Consensus developed that issues of development was intrinsically linked to the collapse of govt in countries failedstateIdeal state liberal neoWeberian state efficacy efficiency There is a monopoly on state power that is central and rationalWe started hierarchial categorizing state The 3d world was categorized into different states The marking of a failed state meant discursive closure You were stuck in that classification the failed state cant challenge or discuss why it is being classified as a fail stateWhy dont states meet the criteria for statesYou dont just arrive as a rational liberal capitalist state It took centuries and the development of certain Enlightenment ideals for us to even arrive at a proper model Mamdani writes about the colonial presence in Africa and the political divisions it created between the urban and the ruralCPIA country police and institutional assessment done by the World Bank most widely listed index of development World Banks aid allocation is linked to how fragile your country is There is no consulation with the govt or society It has discursive authority It disregards perhaps a drought this year If youre a really fragile state you go under HIPC highly indebted poor countries Were trying to create an unchallenged ranking of states and then trying to institute policies based on that rankingWe understand that through this discursive formation were only talking about what these states lack These states are emptyweak deficient incapable The subtext is that people are failing too Does that mean societies have failedFailed states are a threat to global securityR
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