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International Development Studies
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 9Tuesday March 15 20111001 AMInternational Development and RaceRace is a stifled topic in development There are very few writers who write about the idea of race and development Class race and gender are interlinkedPaulette Goudge Whiteness of PowerSarah WhiteGeorge DeiRace is a sociohistorical construct not scientific that shapes societal and institutional structures and racial designations have real damaging punitive material consequences It is an anchor because it molds society and societal structures This definitionapplies when speaking about the West and the relationship between the global north and global south The power hiearchies created are not neutral and they have material consequencesTheorists George Sefa Dei Njoki Wane Ann Stoler Chandra Mohanty Mahmood Mamdani4 major points about raceRecognizing that bodies are marked and not neutral in development settings Certain bodies have power and privilege over 1othersRace and colonial hierachies are institutionalized and often go unnoticed shaping development policies and practices2We are not collapsed by our racial political designations When you go to a part of the world be conscious of your race andsocial power privilege It is assumed that you are from a better educated place and you have excellent knowledgeCommunities are racialized by an overg
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