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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Peter Skrivanic

Lecture 10Tuesday March 22 20111114 AMReproductive Rights and RightsBased DevelopmentRace eugenics reproductive rights1Professor told story about clinic that does hysterectomies under guise of other problemsHealth services include HIV counseling birth clinics and postnatal care In specific countries there is control of fertility The majority of the money goes towards fertility regulation The ability of a woman to have children is part of the reproductive framework Certain broader ideas trump a woman or familys ability to choose how many children she wants In the West there is a correlation between population and scarcity of resources This truism is just known The bodies of racialized women began in NA and shifted to the curving of population rights in countries outside the Western worldOverviewMalthus Principle of Population population increases at a geometric rate whereas food grows at an arithmetic rate This would result in problems but we have natural causes that check excessive pop growth Moral restraint is the key to population growth checkNeomalthusian Paul Erlich In the Population Bomb predicted that there would be overpopulation in the 70s that would become dire by 1980s Others write The Limits to Growth Club of Rome and President Carter writes the sameHomerDixon the new war of the next century will be caused by resource scarcity wars in the 3d world It is a fear based discourse It is about numbers encroaching to challenge our standard of living Overpopulation will cause migration that will lead to toppling of democracy and the institution of fascism in the WestMichael Klaire writes that you have population increases in unstable regions of the world scarcity of resources access to land and water and unstable regime and these will cause competition and warThe 3d world retorts by pointing out that population isnt the problem the problem is that the West consumes more than its fair share of resourcesCritiquesConsumption 1974 in Bucharest there was a population conference The 3d world and the USSR questioned population control 1and charged it as racist and imperialist The 3d world isnt against regulating fertility they are simply weary of regulating their fertility numbers that are devised elsewhere that is motivated by racism and imperialist ideasReproductive rights This arose from feminist crit
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