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International Studies
Leslie Chan

ISTB01 – Week 2 September-20-2010 12:14 PM From Industrial to Network Society: Framing the Conceptual Issues of International Communications What is communication? Characteristics of Communication:  A process of exchanging info (usually via a system of symbols)  Involve a sender and a receiver (two-way)  Common understanding of shared codes or common set of symbols (language, computer codes, etc.)  Human communication: mediated by tools and technology  Language is a form of tools and technology; created by humans for the purpose of executing tasks by communicating  Ex: Language prof used to express; students write down with paper or laptop through symbols (written) to store the ideas/info which means duplication  Copying and duplication are essential for mass communication -- Key Issues What are the distinctions between "international," "global," "transnational," and "cosmopolitan"? International  Between more than on country Global  Whole world  Nothing is truly global; some areas of the world are still excluded  Very few things are Transnational  Has a base, only the beginning  Activity in one country (base) spreads to many others  Ex. EU, can travel within all of Europe; no borders Cosmopolitanism  Idea that borders are not a part of people's identity anymore  Web-designer; can be working for anywhere  How we define ourselves based on what we do -- What is communication and why is it increasingly global? Analytical framework  In 1960s critics were concerned and stated the negatives aspects TV would bring to the public: o Couch potato o Cultural invasion o People are not in control; advertisers/producers are  Social shaping of technology o Slaves to technology o Ex: automobiles. Cities are designed based on cars, roads/highways for transportation o Social lives revolved around driving from one place to another. o Lives depend much on technology o How do these things interact and form new economy and social organizations?  New form of social organization and economy enabled by technology  "Global Village"  (contrary to technological determinism) o Need to control with technology-> social
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