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ISTD01H3 Lecture Notes - Yochai Benkler, Don Tapscott, Wikinomics

International Studies
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Leslie Chan

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Last week, finish/review:
Why is the Internet such a Revolutionary technology?
Global Reach
Common and Open Standards not own by anyone
o One of the reasons why the internet spread so fast
Participation is simple
o Instead of old days, old media. Where tv stations show one show for thousands of ppl
o Now, you can have your own channel and broadcast a show for just a small population;
diversity and follow interests.
“The Wealth of Network” – Yochai Benkler Commons based (Commons based-reources open
to everyone but could be privatized) peer production (peer production-people in the same age
group, etc.)
“Wikinomics” – Don Tapscott
*”Linked In”
Industrial Economy
(vertical organization)
- High entry cost
Turning raw materials into goods
Firms and Coporation
Veritcal organiation
Centralized decision making
Standardiation -> mass production and specializing in it.
Internet: Global Market and the Digital Divide
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