LINA01H3 Lecture Notes - Gho, Serbian Language, Plau Am See

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Published on 24 Aug 2012
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"f 'z"ho[{,q9.a.s-fJ6 : s**d.y c<
.Q.x- hornr {1e- .11^"[ . qc(4.Sga,5
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23 m<rl'rqrrag
r"roneLs, . b.,,,1,(cL sen*ence-s
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"F; zrl< -{h'14 &rrt,
Sc^oo{frb S,b"' QXf N
* z*{"t
5P" ohP-r. srn< = -:LugS
e-;' c'-&d€F&
me-o,qf Jo SiJ
cr{.( ey hJs*1,
a[( .iy Ay.ftg
wkoQ. tetm
v{k"A vorrn,
*ord-S ,
- Q)< : T4-ur\dA . ruQ's oE W o rcj,
Pn)vued,,. w ords sE ' ruJ.e.
norglto+v- '5 s+wgud"- J,", so,rr..e-
" Word," Arva"lr<C* y lact<
rnO r?F Qr\zS wi'lAh
,5o r muf.lo'o
Socrna*.i o n
p[a-ee' v,r h:Q, " r^-L L'n * *
nl*t-*rcv{CV n, t'. n-'-t5",r, Ft
,S^ 'ftw fong,+
hr'fuw1y S "J& .
', 9o.^. hp"+r.. ^tSse&
k<,+Kre-s .
.U o*^, h o,vx.- A ts s o4
MlAoh k sV', \y'.r,.^- h"re v'lo5+e&- *M
Aclu<rtb sr.ict '. 9or^ lao"v .ar **S +eL (lL
. = leoeng +o ex oh q,'.1- {te- i."p../-)".[ c-arrsbno.nts oS wrr$
+ 4 ln or"dtr j-o s*il-.L {l-asu c-gnS ooanf5, {/<-. son4erW
v.torJJ. hon-r- +. fu- ptroinneL o,."1 be*orv, 'P.- p"$ort b.gins
"tus5t &#
' Speaxh errp rs o TJS^ .'n1r o lr<- g6 u*ch l1g
' ex '. lntnLeJ" ' . T-t &
P roJ..;*td-'. L( d-
- e^-*#xzs mow&
g.c rg o 1\ w *b owf -J1. *+,
tfrg"+ o,b& u-tJen /]1. ^*. l
WI\:Q,- $fe.n 5 s Fau e-)-- i,^ .5 o-rne- ptwdt
ti) ' st^ageo*s rfJor pt atn<-s, ^oJ^ *odn,, = ,asa-d- Jv br,r"U- spilqc<,
' 6 poo n€ r.s crr 5 = L TQla- fech.,J q.e
- S-u'q,[J., f"-.,hr-t {?* : n;c.-J."fr*('Ly ocLu^f{ls o,r<t* ,{ho;t
rwX_a4vl*r > no co1f rwf" vtLlr1 + v(\7e
(LW'q oc(u(
' €4< penirnenta"\ par<dJgrn 6- N-9<-"'r-oWs -"r.?
clrcsr\9+a^ca5 {-e oltc't{ e+"lJ
\ p^r"J-.:C,^-[qn r*rt po "tX/
e.irnen*o.L o cts 1 Wocds in
.n*q.L [<,,,ci Con = me,nfaL dJcf .'onaJ-\,
' : rtl,eern''ng a{r.,nra rdA, s foLL-}ng, {-"no tArtc J-l\"n
' tQ-**bk- .- cr.CCcrrnooLo-Je- ncnnf Wor/-l
' '- orgo\ii.]z^
- ?*0 "Vg lool< v? "ror-ds
- o"c(-n_ES znfr{"<4 1.r' terrns
o z g " lQ-c*{oo o$ i.,/1,*.1,o[wq.t ,^Gs CoL:S5i"-*.'r *?- A
Al frJao I a'lL
Worrl fu laoovt'.
Q^la& +oJe'{kr
rr'ran*q.L [<,,'ci Con =
u& q- wi,de, r1-<cldy ob
' l-l o,r qlq-r et:.frie-s L:"lcaA?,
Itt^r{ <^..€- enfn'as wcct-Sse&2.
. hfhof. t^S" ? C-o n t"l"azL ,jn qn er..1dt , ?
rlp - os- rw ^+.nJ.ns, pA-^orne^o. =:g::?"ff, u +o
nvtkd'a )
S "t on p +nc.oL-tgr"
??Ars,o^ coml+. ?.y* - f^f+1.:pr.d"r
> r-.4t g'-,gtlA rr-conl n p-<-ts'"'3es', o,
7wo o*yrtnnlt"l
(, ' /-4,x J ca"t dt c-1,
. N vroc& *flf
\*d3e_ :lF :h
" 60 " bolto
' dnyu-,dad V".r..i tbt% ;
- = fw? gon*, l""fengy = hour log
d-et fvsp o
- vJl*,d?*^'
i tafu,s p..J"t.,.)p"fi
re,f o F
o$ Srt.nw[,
per+.."p"rtt 3 Aa5PaEe >
t ecx-53 ?A,S K
= T mp aN-, ?a^+s' 7 erts^ ry - _on t
'tb.s k
o+J,nD;t' d ?**r1* on o'na{kr se'+
- jft-qlranca ,75ovf
-'>*#, "re.5 /t r.y'rsporrle- f-eS 5or Sren('r2'1+'u
*5ad- y,rorob (*$n o,"J thr^n S; f*' -!"'^/*
lnrordS 1u 5n -*" )
;s a-cozrls ry,*'rfb vszd- Aords ?*;'L"r 'f r:.'ror<-'
o-";b= ,. , \
. Dtonosncaa'bb- nar'-\^/qrdi L"pt:b') '-QI'*Q "no"
!i^oo lh^n *nPrdoounc r'ohte. non - ,to 6t'nl',b")
lg>rt c-f Jc'cosLoos 1&k- ind- qr ro"nt*
,t -l\
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ph o no Fo.cAJ- co nsfpaJ.',ts of * t*SNu
. Oon -wo rd-S th@+ So,qtal l"'14. rcA rnonpLS ( u b{noL')
" g ho "lcs') = jc,l<, Igeg- in L$9{
' Prt, ^1,.,g f oe*ol'"3 rct
- d pre,sente& wiyl-, o., s*ipwlv; z pnJpa-
iS -^*-^,\ v/o n"l = +"C "1
' rne.o,aur€,) tl'L e-xfiett{ *o whloh lle gnno '*S(tpna]
p^^r fv.J p o.nls' luXJcd a..&J"" p"nsocr^qnco o^ Il-
' +o13or* s*r,n"r, 1,-^-s
o 3 lppr how word-q = re'6ted' Jn +/b- ,nJ,r&
' response * i*u ' .r $ke^ r"?tl- > P"e "tlQn L3
G- s€rn q.n ii q-^Ily rol^'+Q-d' grJr 4 ( cq;f -o(3 ) T h*' o\
\,r"nr ":** 7r^int- Lt*f - &3)
p.l^il,g etse-or -- ""+r^t Y (hth/h'*.?Y-
E"-;I i'd-"d€-a ()e groos|:v29
e& c, +cl6e,f s*[r.,.,^t.^5