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LINA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, British Thermal Unit, Eocene

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Chandan Narayan

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: lorn-er s*r'u-g4ur%S = sho',^<.d- by .t"lrn"e* ".1[ qnJrno"ts
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o\^ef +/e- ,Vts o* 4v bn^^,\ r' = &,- h&An.
tt 1n *Lvx- 9-nt*Jon.ig
. = SobQ* - Yncre-osa- €\^asaca, c\F.o\-
'sr-r-\c.i,^s) = o.reo's w)'<rs co{ife)ra
."n,e,r* AL a. lv^kfAq/od
+ rlghl- lel\Jspta'<a = dJSS er<nf $*nc,fJons
Q-o."h tvn{.sp /r.r<- > re-6 f .rysJbtc-
se..t-Eo-.+ion So, +t<r' "pgos uJe sJJ'u
, LeSl ;<n Jsp[zr<- Con#- [- ,-bhe nr"'6ltn ag A od^-1
' rfuht- k-m*gt-e:<- sonala[ ce,Sf s"'c't* *3 'bo{y
tho^r lalg ny L ;
rjr.. +/*- b" o.J,A 6nntrnAs
-< ---/
- ne/llJ.gns = ' AQ (Vaz
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. bna,.n cantc,-tnS
ind<r conrv,clvd
t l{r#
. -= grvoin€.s in C_oCtu/-" .
' j yni L gyr,,ts ) = 4cea.5 ^/l-a'<- corlex = Se bad, orn* )'c,t',r,,rA
b*i"/# or, l<- o --fa{,
' lon g J,^na"l $JSs \r.e^ - JAo'P s r.t I cr,tS yt'^ + 1e-g^fo'!* Ie,9t
. n,!A+ 't Q-* <pt<.brv.l
fl.e- csrP\&s ca"llo 5\rr^
&{.otc4 h
9or nauScQ-, nno\ trn{-^-}- J
o$ n-e- bo Jy
r tgh{ <!.^reJbro"(, lvrnise t<rcs
', l.Jrn"sf turs_ = conng-L*<du %t
= A*t4-@ et Nn/x,-,9"bnes +hqk

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, les* lp.ft\ :,spl.on -- S.r "^ o (, 1.. fuS l.s dju c,ti J-hnehi
* rnosl isVzc*s o9 l*St uale Pro<e'S;ry
F q"bit:-b te sp<--'K
4 ?r.&, ,eomplex sgnfrxclJ. 7a*1\r,ns
' ri3hf ' t o^;ugtv<- t 5or ov<raLl of f *t:lf,'un "*
conylo-< ynhe-rns ,ffi:if 'S".tr,."f '-'qr $-*e's +
- = SoA<_ l *19e- cot ^p,AllpnS [on, - *[,4*-o-fJ,,<_
' t-tr,olors/-^n fl'4o's + ma*<phocs f"rg q-^au
o tJ'se' lo ,nd.noss I Jn lo n c't"tn c'5 cqr'is +"
-1-4-ykr spe-xpar = olrr9rgt aXc'f<d t or,'ok.J3
bra-.h : (**D f a-{en-atJ q-C^ S'r* /o.iJ '^+3*
@'rf hondC, PenPle'
. lron, J- uscca(y '= dSW io'fe-ro,li.zolt"n ol l".9wq;?
I ^lr.{* o.3.- f<-pN-s <'11* o"ti.n Jn bo4l'- lv 's
7 l"z's.
-q = Ge |.ff' !*ferw-li'z"A- Sor lang'
, l .,bss o9 +Aa- q"r*J^^ { t-mJspAere-s
+I^,r* o-Ppe&r +' hav<' drts f "'1d rcstroosubulu'd'<:
, S"on'l^al lube '= lubo- Jn W"-f oS 'ft'u arrfru( s"Jas
o p*r ie'lnl l.,be; : loba b,*hb* t? <utl'ru'I, ":j:*
. ty-^oora! lobe. = s 6& hetre'o'rh yL i.a.ter-*J iJ'-'nrt'
l" t - --i--:T--J u .l^^ ^, a^,
',pi.lJ lobe- ? ooe,e -EX;d- +1'* o'nSular 99ru5
& sa"e. y 4 a*fr , F gta,+ 8, 3
p **[-enls' bn-ho,vlours b*So*
' €W +/vb btu'V?
a.,3*"r "@L{h
* d.ol<rrnW-, wh+eA* br"n-h o\neal = Js'nw6ed'-
- la-5.Lon 7. ;i@,y\€re- dor'".1gO

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

B"or-o* = sl'.d,-eL cL pn*{""n| thqt :6(mq5* co^ylal*
V,^robb. +-o upeol" brry S@7^o&, *o ,^ndsfS*a^d, "f"l%
'I;:g: ",: n= f
,?* w x_*G' &*' t:;i iy
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e grv- -o
. pro(q rs q.^e.c\- a I ornrtr v<ef c^re* o9 '|a# S.-n*ol /oU<
- o!r't9ge, lqre, -) 2 Btu ca' 's o'Ph^srir
- "nb /ane. on 7^h"nls v,lro
. Y l"ni*f sb.t lroJ "a fup ln*o r)-o b r"*,1^ f nro.p wl'^'.Jr
o.rsq.r o;f ilv brq{n r/de- [nvo[-etd, {,n p".*J,""^1,". 5../ .+.146
. = *3 ,]nv.Ls-1,,rg
6\ . (oA prn{er:u4d" a>. JqL l2,-pr^gly LLI s co"tt'51,')
\."/ n./
IL k-e,lnr\r)V tho* L\s<-s q- nqnftw- !<-eno oS X'- ^1y: +.
${a-4h"C_ . =5:{:- T;;:zy; Lr f"*u * fr'" J,f#,
,f , . po s ilron ern-lssi"'-.-t *ornogrY hy L?€7 )
'\?/',/ws- posi+r€ n - ern"tfJ& rso*op<-s tus .o'dtoo".fiy<- t ".co,es
U ,d.di.1-fiW *r<ccri con bJnect w,l,h\ gL'^ase I J1ec-lzd
-rww ,l:; ::X;'##b:,^-H#^::::*
irh"'C. fl-z- s,'rQj<-ct clOas ,7or'{,ova C ogn i*tve- a-c*iv'A,kt
-? = Ji-dr+oo -^g" o9 "f* og h{gh ,6rq"0^ <cf{,'rvJ1 "ato.,jn{/
l- w'"|A' spe,'C",9.J.- c1g^"]{r- o'cl*Jrru'*r'l<s
,-..\l o = n,!sk o9 in,c-o*.b^ *Yft rg^;,lt,.u .cfinp, *rurrzr
;9 '$',"^clio^o.L d19. Ar- (:asono'rv-, htgty C'\KA)
\'1 c a vs* moane't[r- S;d"Ls +'a +ri.-l< +l^4 {rln Jo
h*^t9 t"bJ] "? /yA- btooL c"Jts --:7 = +^o.r,l< bleo&
3 ".cQ1
*low l"' -fle brqJn
. -= \rfrlt eX p 2 nsir/9-
rnag "ri+oone.- gh ^l oge+ghy ( vl Ee )
. > rYcord *4, t*67+o- ckranSes C^
6 A<Jn
5, *rya19". -- dnre- belprs -fl- tY{J
G. nvrv*t* g{,U{ v/,"fhh
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