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LINA01H3 Lecture Notes - Ofu-Olosega, Rogue Trooper, Cko

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Chandan Narayan

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Ch"pler 6 : 5e,',c.n-t Jos
= tf.e cc,afen+
= u+*4 o$
tg ^'qyn.'9
. &td[,onshrlp
tyen: '9 dq:'
oS a^, s1f*qr.o/1cc. C0)<- 'h*syp")
rne-oni19 {," A'*rn qrr, la19 tr.$ e-,
-11or *"p t.s
. .!1-c ^L1.^^. o5 r"reoni,ng
1lp- c o., c-ofJ-',,..,,f sgste,rrr- ,ut&, bJng rnerrn tl19
. ra(z- oS "J. |c"f{. gtru"cfr"x,
. no(2- o5 /non -.grs.mfr,qi,jcal Sq"forS
: worcts ot <xo&Ssions Yhur
r,., 6".,) o, ,!rl c-on+o,,<t
" @t< vtcrJ- "olU'' + w"rds S'n ,{(,B<11r+'
f uo d,Q, "/-.-)
: word Sor {b g"-rreml oLuas L"G)')
= wj{S* subc-*f Vo{,}ag, c#- {hq,t gnrcrwl oLas
L h"<kg ,
' lypr.^,yA
ho,rt<'. S ^49r^,'n6
' so . ho t.Jlg ft y'ecq.*,'o n
' yer&e-cl syno{-, = abso t-+u$ i,otnn*|rci( neen J49s = rqr<-
* =_ no.l- t# ici,g-nt 5or 2- wun{s = e>4 \s4^.,a r,"Lo,r,;?g
. rflo.sf wo "d-s = Ln *er d q",g. o6Q- "AG ,jr, ca-rcAov\^ csn*<-x-ls
' * no* e,x<c*$ .$odla. t .eqnkg
' An-fonyrny = vr"rds ., fhrc,'sa ho! = a1!{gitu to eofi ofu" J,^
cF9 Mr nz-an"n3
-:9. -&'. ltghf gs, dork. bg v5. gJrl , uf ,ts. o(oi/(1 /,cor't- vs'io
bo.J ,o= .o{ v\rL =- oygos (+* vr{,{h ,<,syz.* -}-o .genC<" b4 --
[t"{h fuvm-ort
- "aor'-4: or,ot i9" " 4 o?€osC-e- whll rcr.pec,-f JE .tJrv-"zT[,m W
htn J."',o i., rq@.+'4 cnornq/'-O11

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'mffitffi = wonls $. +W p"rlt oS o v'{hoQ-
' o;. rt*r qnuras s*c '\dq, t t = tvcd i ne.S L, 7u;(, e?,G, ?{\
ffiffi= rrey"L S* f)<-, wh o(e- 'wh{o A '(kse P es 6along *
- q'r . " dq.g " = holong.r 6er o'fu-a.-*,, nosu, tt ;[,
:ffi.= c^* vro& fh^r hqt.& or y@**,V
rJ'or-d- Yeq,r\*g tl
" r,hi ul|.gurf "
+o g tqre-
d\ dapo s i,t " to "jo6e qlgnr{g"
'l nn""b "- bwllt'
th"mofhon&s) =( ^ So,-"rd)
du r,-ce6-61 '\.h+A ... J oC r'nof<
ot.s.J-,jnct rnep.n.itgs
tUandp #z
6o-\e/ Pfbn or.a16 .'.tlJo
P f-orp,,tr-tc [,*Jvran +
= :,-dl*n q*Eu(tg&, J-*r' hos 2 o( rlo<-,
lvl4-^^Jng #L
'\sn.ln{,rq ''
" +o sA#",54; "
t tJ,.,+
b"n /<
l'1*&9 *t
t rro+ Ae-^g I
.'o.' S.!nar.c6ol lud;+rfion'
tsoCo[ ogaizalJon'
t o *rJ+{O -&ts lrumon* '
'don't '.q.zsL i-o bc.u<,, s@ o"!
' 9h - W.uJc^ r/9 f:tgtr1-
. : $.eoute-aL q-5 ot;S€a1m* wunds *gtf' 6cn\a-
c.'/ / ,,. rnJa alu(o4 /
\snra/[ .f Jff .'t^ @+ oS
t o^' b/,6r# v'tya6ntrt<rt
\ cL srno"l( Cpy4'4,)
Cso'"n{d'*ncs I sa,av- W(L,:^g

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9, -""t[. Ivlgf{,"ns "i
"S#$pAtgs? = ,-,e-q.rr,j^g s flhr,f can k' on"$znd, ,./V1'' re-syd +...o dAJr
ne-la+Jcrn"h? *&a- 6Je' ,.aan,!4Es d 61k
et -n ^ *njvnus $"1 haiv* il+ 6arr"4, fiaa'n{3
T/.L po L{-ro- ch:ns<d"
bwg lor wo.s Iw b*rgLar
F^..P hr41es )"' Ov So;n</ 4 rur'*h co no("J*,,/onS bu{L
+r,rq- v{\d<f 'f}., 5{r€- c-..,crt.}f,ionS
c f *of hna'e'<'s
b'^ryl^f" = L
" brr,La.t- wcAs "hoe,<d by p. tlcJ' '=
E..+r-i.l ,nent
?r,)ae G
PcJqcc- ds
- j qsgfn nod-rrlcn'l
Lto 6/r enJfnttl'
In,s o' dog ,
^- d%-
an *[
an+ a-J(rtlerrj \- L'S F,,hos- = a, d@,
t$ Prince- Lc; c(n on;,n",l " fu e6n /7
' confra."t"tc *ut* ? vfun 2 s<n*er-tq-s can '* bo{A b<' 7n''z
4 r. "Cho,r'Q s
att c* 6acAe (6r'
r'5 ma'rf{eA.
chr^Fze fu4 {/r- p o (,!ca-
'fLo gca.^o will beguo o-! 3'.oO gt-t
Af {spno, fttu€a/ner *it{ bu7{n
4{ tr*{fr o9 ono u-',}vnce.,
-Tk- po(I. w qrders lzt'(b& 124 6e{,
1W b"-qf r-€ ,t-qd'
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