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Speech Perception from lecture 5

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Chandan Narayan

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Speech Perception 18:55
Lecture 5
Speech Perception
-The how, what and why we perceive (discriminate and identify) speech
sounds the way we do
The difference between a b and p in acoustics
-Alvin Liberman- in understanding the relationship between acoustics and
speech perception, used a pattern playback machine- discovered difference
between b and p based on certain acoustics
Categorical Perception
Continuous function/ we force stimuli into categories
-We divide up the continuous signal into discrete categories
Success of speech communication= suggests that speakers must have shared
knowledge about how to categorize continuous speech signals into speech
Speech sounds are reducible to a set of acoustic features
Air molecules vibrating at a specific frequency- the frequency of the
movement of air particles
The time at which these events occur
difference in movement gives us the perception between bae and gae
Relies of two different types of test that are called identification and
Identification: plays the sound- tell me what you hear
Discrimination: presented with two stimuli and your task is to point out the
Top- down effects in speech perception
Phonemic restoration effect
The cat was eating his food- its expected to have the word food, or tuna- but
we dont expect a word like “car- its because we have top- down perception
Warren and Warren- excised out a first consonant and inserted a cough. It
was found that the eel was on the orange however when tested they
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