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Lecture 3

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Yoonjung Kang

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Lec 3 January 20, 2015 9:06 AM Memorize that this meaning goes with this sound is called null hypothesis If english Is just a list of words, how do u explain that we know a word is not english Null hypothesis is therefore wrong Based on other rules u develop a generalization that u can project We know its constrastive because we have minimal pairs Not contrastive, using either one does not change the meaning of the word Variation is below level of consciousness Complimetary distribution its all predictable , they don’t overlap in their distribution LINB04 Page 1 You know something about the distrubtion of these occurance so u can write a rule about it Underlying representation Represent surface forms as the same Surface representation - represent allophones Underlying representation gets brackets And then surface gets square brackets LINB04 Page 2 Its posible its sensetive to other farther things and it might be tone or stress [s] e_a #_a o_o a_u u_a a_e i_o [sh] e_i i_i #_i u_i o_i LINB04 Page 3 i is a natural class However e u o a is not a class, its elsewhere LINB04 Page 4 LINB04 Page 5 C consonants V vowels Paranthesisis optional element Curly brackets are junctions For example vowel becomes high before consonant OR word final C0 o or higher number O consonants or any higher consonants Csub0 up2 limited the number
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