LINB10H3 Lecture 2: Chapter 3

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7 Aug 2016
English Grammar LINB10H3
WEEK 2 (Chapters 3)
-Nouns: traditionally refers to people, places, things, or ideas
-Subcategories of Nouns:
Common Nouns: refer to general categories such as girl or teacher, they are
written in lower-case.
Proper Nouns: refer to specific nouns such as Mary or California and begin
with capital letters. They typically include the names of people, places, cities,
events, etc.
Concrete Nouns: nouns that can be visualized (i.e. phone, window, etc.)
Abstract Nouns: concept nouns with no specific visual image (i.e. honesty,
idea, etc.)
Count Nouns: common nouns that are considered separate entities like desk,
aunt, or phone. They occur with many and other determiners (words that
identify nouns and come before nouns) that make distinctions in number.
Many desks, many aunts, many phones
One desk, two aunts, three phones
Non-Count Nouns: common nouns that cannot be thought of as individual
entities but rather occurring in a mass, such as oil, water, coffee, money, rice,
etc. These nouns only occur in the singular with determiners such as much,
some, less, a lot of that do not include the notion of number.
Some water, a lot of coffee, a little rice, less bread
*one oil, *two waters, *three rices do not work for non-count nouns
-What Makes Up a Noun Phrase?
Noun Phrases: constituents that are made up of nouns.
The noun is always the head or core of the phrase. The head may be
preceded by optional modifiers – additional descriptors of the noun
or otherwise known as adjectives.
Ex. “interesting stories”
Stories is the head noun
Interesting is the modifier
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