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Lecture 3

LINB20H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Socioeconomic Status, Hypercorrection, Speech Community

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Safieh Moghaddam

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Lecture 03. Thursday, January 21, 16
Fisher (1958):
Boys dropped the g more than girls
It happened with less formal words (ex. Running is less formal than
Low glass families dropped g more than the middle class families
-He was the first one to notice these in terms of social factors
Capitalist (upper class people who are rich) & proletariat (working class)
Sociolinguists used to follow Sociologists (lifestyles & life chances); Trudgill
(determined social status bases on type of home, neighbourhoods, job and your
But recently in sociolinguistics we only determine class based on jobs
What “class” doesn’t mean
-We have teachers, artists an writers who make alt of money but they aren’t apart of
the upper class
Some people may own all these designer stuff and have a lot of money but that
doesn’t necessarily mean they have class
Higher the prestige the higher the social status
Prestige comes from someone’s occupation
Socioeconomic status = power + property + prestige (ex. Judge)
Answers to question worksheet:
1. Peoples pronunciation and peoples prestige
2. Variable (feature that varies or changes in different social context) –
pronunciation of r (r-lessness or r-dropping)
3. He used this variable was sensitive to social stratification or social context
4. Variants – 2 variants (pronounce/drop r
5. Lexical variable – not a lexical variable, this is a phonetic variable b/c of
6. Speech community – new york, or sales people in the lower east side
7. Best way to study is in the natural social context
8. More specific hypothesis – sales people in higher rank store have higher
value of r and vice versa
9. First thing he looked at was the location of the store, advertisement (how
they advertise their products, higher ads the least), prices
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