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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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Chandan Narayan

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Linguistics Lecture 5 October 14 , 2010 Phonemes & Allophones Phonemes can be discovered through a minimal pair test Allophones are predictable variants of a phoneme Mad vs. man are NEAR minimal pairs The distribution of allophones is rule-governed (changes in context) Allophones usually do not occur in the same phonetic environment (complementary distribution) when not in complimentary distribution; in different phonemes Doing a phonology problem? Phonemes or allophones? o Minimal pair? If there is no (near) minimal pair, examine the contexts The relevant context that determines which variant you will see may be: o What comes beforeafter the sound o Position of stress o Syllable structure , etc Typically, one variant is found in a more well-defined, sp
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