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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chandan Narayan

Linguisticslecture 1 Language familyEnglish and dutch come from the same family In Toronto its one of the most diverse places and there are about 15 different language familiesLinguistic is a very humanist scienceLinguistic is the scientific study of human language and language use They study what humans must know in order to use language how languages are structured and how they acquire language Were going to focus on verifiable facts of language 3 aspects of language 1 Phonology speech sounds and combinations pah bah tah dah Phone means sound 2 Morphology Words made up of phones Morphform3 Syntax Word Combinations how words combine to form meaningful sentences What is so special about human language Dogs and cats have communication systems but they dont have language Example bees they communicate by dancing which is called complex communicationSome animals however can learn a human language such as parrotsLanguage in humans is different since it doesnt need to be trainedThere is a qualitative difference in how animals use language or communication systemsHuman languages are1 Rule governed in their productivity 2Creative
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