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Chandan Narayan

LINA01: Lecture 4. May 29, 2012 a – only in dipthongs a – in Canadian vowels in monothongs  only Canadian vowels in this course! - glide portion is a predictable detail! So [o] VS [ow] or [e] VS [ej] - tense mid vowel = predictable that it will have a glide of same background… * check slide - never see [owr] but always [or]  [o] before an r is always monothong - [ow] – dipthong - need to know every IPA symbols in English **** Phonology - study of sounds  how the speech sounds patterned in your head - mental reality of speech sounds - VS phonetics = speech sounds that come out from your mouth; physical properties Segments in Contrast - perceived differences between two speech segments - when their presence alone may distinguish forms with different meanings from each other - e.g. [s] and [z] as in sip and zip - phonemes of the language = e.g. ^ minimal pair first - segmental contrast establishment – first thing you do in studying phonology - two forms with distinct meanings that differ by only one segment found in the same position - near minimal pair = nearly identical phonetic; e.g. author VS either language-specific contrasts - segments contrast with each other is determined on a language-particular - speech perception changes after 1 year of life (video) – won’t be able to tell the segmental contrast unless there is an input of the language/exposure. - [l] and [r] – contrastive in English that babies learn last oral and nasal vowels - IPA diacritic – nasal (e.g. on [la] in french) - In English, predictable  Nasal vowels in English = Before nasal consonant (e.g. band: nasal VS bad: oral - unpredictable) Phonemic representation - broad transcription 1 - only the details that are cons
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