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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chandan Narayan

Lecture 5 Phonemes & allophones  Phonemes: differ in one sound and mean different things. 2 words that sound similar except for one sound.  Allophone: predictable variant of a phoneme based on a rule. Contextual variant of a phoneme. A phoneme changes in a small way to accommodate the context.  Phonemes are not predictable. Rules and derivations  Underlying means it is in our heads. Formalizing the rule  /x//y/ / A_B. this means that the phoneme becomes this allophone in the context of (which is represented by /), by being in between A and B.  It doesn’t matter what comes before or after.  Might be asked to use phonetic terms on the exam. What type of process is this?  POA: phoneme n is an alveolar.  Following affects preceding. Spanish  Z never comes at the beginning of a word.  Relevant context is the final for [s] would be _a, _k, _I, _t, _#, _p and for [z] it would be _l, _m, _v, _d, _g, __b.  A, i, l, m, v, d, g, b are voiced.  S is the phoneme. /s/  [z] / _?c. What type of process is this?  Voicing of following is affecting the target sound. Question  Answer is voicing.  What determines whether you say t or d at the end? If the voicing characteristic of the final sound of the roo
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