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Chandan Narayan

Phonetic Properties Voicing o Voiceless o Voiced Place of Articulation o Labial, closure or near-closure of the lips o Bilabial, both lips o Labiodentals, lower lip and upper teeth o Dental and Interdental o Dental, the tongue placed against or near the teeth o Interdental, tongue is placed between the teeth o Alveolar, small ridge protrudes from just behind the upper front teeth o Alveolar ridge, may touch or be brought near this ridge o Alveopalatal and palatal o Alveopalatal, behind the alveolar ridge, the roof of the mouth rises sharply o Palate, the highest part of the roof of the mouth o Velar, the tongue touching or near this position o Velum, the soft area towards the rear of the roof of the mouth o Labiovelar, the glide heard word-initially in wet is called a labiovelar, since the tongue is raised near the velum and the lips are rounded at the same time. o Uvular o The small fleshy flap of tissue known as the uvula hangs down from the velum. o Sounds made with the tongue near or touching this area are called uvulars. o English has no uvulars. o Glottal, sounds produced using the vocal folds as primary articulators Manners of Articulation o Stops, made with complete closure in the oral cavity or at the glottis o Bilabial, dental, alveolar, alveopalatal, palatal, velar, uvular and glottal places of articulation o Glottal stop is always voiceless. o Fricatives, consonants produced with a continuous airflow through the mouth. They are accompanied by a continuous audible noise because the air used in their production passes through a very narrow opening either at the glottis or in the vocal tract. Oral or Nasal o Oral, velum is raised, cutting of the airflow through the nasal passages o Nasal, the velum is lowered to allow air to pass through the nasal passages Consonants A stop is a consonant characterized by: (1) complete obstruction of the outgoing airstream by the articulators, (2) a build up of in
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