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Chandan Narayan

LINA01 Sept. 13  There are over 100 languages spoken in the GTA from over 15 different language families.  911 in Toronto is equipped to answer in 150 languages Why study language?  Language is uniquely human.  It provides window to investigate what it means to be human.  It allows us to understand/accept other languages/cultures. What is linguistics?  Scientific study of human languages and language use.  What does that mean? o What humans need to know in order to use language. o It shows us how language is structured. o It shows us how language is acquired. Linguistics is the verification of truth. Because it is a science. Science is about verifying the truth.  Possible to verify the truth of facts, not of judgement, which expresses an opinion. This term Phonology: speech sounds and combinations Building blocks Morphology: words Syntax: word combinations (sentences) Goals  Learn fundamentals of scientific analysis.  Learn to recognize surface differences/similarities This is NOT  A language instruction course.  An ESL course LINA01 Sept. 13 Human Language Animals communicate, right?  Some animals have very complex communications systems o Bees communicate by dance  Animals using human language: o Parrots do not learn language passively, they need huma
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