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Chandan Narayan

Psycholinguistics: study of comprehension, speech production, acquisition Most of psycholinguistics cannot be observed, have to be inferred on the basis of behavior.  Slips of the tongue – Spoonerisms o The initial consonants are usually switched between words  Tells us that sentences must be planned before they’re said o Bases that morphemes are attached to are switched as well  This tells that morphemes, not words, are the basis of the sentences  Lexical decision tasks o The mental lexicon is different than a dictionary – it’s flexible, can incorporate new words, it’s faster to use, it’s not just organized by the first letter of the word. o This is shown by the tip-of-the-tongue occurrences – we can’t remember a word so we find it by rhymes, word association, meaning sound = mind is flexible o Word primitives hypothesis 1. Words as primitives: each word is a separate entry in the mental lexicon 2. Morphemes as primitives: when we process speech, we decompose morphemes in order to sort them a. This has the advantage of lexical economy o Lexical decision task  Subject must decide whether a word on a screen is a word or not.  They are studied based on their response time/response latency (time it takes to respond) and response accuracy  They have to use their mental lexicon in order to make their decision  It shows that it takes longer to decide on a multimorphemic word than a word with a single morpheme (indecision vs. deciding.)  People also take longer with words than are use
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