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Lecture 9

Notes for lecture nine of Second Language Acquisition, incl. Foreigner Talk Disclosure

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Rena Helms- Park

PLIB25 Lecture 9Input and Interaction Krashens Monitor ModelThe acquisitionlearning hypothesisThe monitor hypothesisThe input hypothesisThe affective filter hypothesis Krashens Monitor Model Krashen talked about input he was like Chomsky in the SLA world in the 1980s he changed our teaching tremendouslyo In the 80she had a godlike dimension o In the late 90she began to slide in peoples estimation called the age of Krashen bashin o Krashen gave rise to a lot of research o His hypothesis was very bold and overgeneralized but now we see that it is not totally bogus o In the late 70s and 80s Krashen said theres acquisition and theres learning and the two can never meet o Had a huge influence on French immersionInspirationo prestige forms in Labovs ResearchThe middle class often uses prestige forms because they want to join the upper class but when the middle class are caught off guardin their natural environmentdo not have time to edit their speech they do not use prestige forms o Difference between the learners performance on standardized tests and reallife communicative competenceNo one really remembers learning their first language because it is subconsciousThe AcquisitionLearning Hypothesis o Acquisition L2 knowledge gained when we manage to understand L2 data with no conscious attention to language formIts a subconscious and intuitive processAcquisition is subconscious internal how the interlanguages develops how children learn languagewhich is why it is so painfree and complete o Learning L2 knowledge gained via a conscious process of studying forms and rulesConscious requires the learning of structures very consciously and rules this is the way that adults feel they have to learn y Learning rules and such is good but you cannot communicate freely and fluently o Krashen argues that acquisition is a vital process in constructing an interlanguage while learning is peripheral
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