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Lecture 11

Notes for lecture eleven of Second Language Acquisition, incl. Alberto and Social Distance

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Rena Helms- Park

PLIB25 Lecture 11Sociocultural factors Motivation in L2 acquisitionSchumanns acculturation model pidginization modelBy acculturation Schumann means assimilation American senseThe best thing for language acquisition is when a learner wants to assimilate into the Target Language group Causation in Schumanns Model Social distanceMotivation interation with Native speakersacquisition outcomeIf there is great social distance between a learners group and the target language group then the learners group does not really want to mix with the target groupIn social distanceone group thinks that they are superior one group is treated as inferior o The two groups feel very unlike each otherMotivation to integrate makes a big differencein order to develop language skills input interaction and output are neededHow does low motivation lead to pidginizationFunctions of the language o Communication o Integration o ExpressiveFunction of creating po
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