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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 PLIC24

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stPLIC24 Oct 31Chapter 4 Lexical DevelopmentWe cant ignore imitation totally What do you think whats in here nativists there are some errors that children make and this is the kind of error an English speaking child would make Some that they wouldnt make This utterance is acceptable in other languages Many errors are errors that are only because of the specific language overgeneralization errors and others are made because theres something about that construction that is allowed its just not allowed in their language Languages have a lot in common Child language falls into what is normal grammar across the world no such thing as a totally wild grammar The childs grammar is governed by rules Platos problem Black box problem InputBlack boxcompetent outputThe black box is UG This is Platos problem because plato asked this question how is it that humans know so much even though they dont live that long Language influences thought and thought influences languageSapir Whorf hypothesis Sign MENThe picture of the man is an icon The word MEN is a symbol The icon is less arbitrary The word is arbitraryTheyre both signs Some signs represent the real life thing and others are completely arbitrary All arbitrary signsThe geometrical shapes are all arbitrary symbols and so are the words Icons are not completely like their referents but are close
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