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MATA02 Weeks 1 and 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Iva Halacheva

MATA02 Week 01May 514 Math as a cultural phenomenon oPeople think about math everyday not only computer scientistsengineers oEvery day people have ideas about numbers space and shape Feature of all human culture oEvidenceAncient middle East the Mediterranean Egypt Greece etc oSocial values are reflected in words for numbers Eg English trio triad triplet oComputing and calculating oEvidenceIslamic world Christian AbacusModern decimal notation Numeracy by Eleanor Robson Reading oNumeracyanalog of literacy for math oMeasurement and Control oEvidenceAncient Romans American world census statistical analysis growing trust in numbers oNumeracy and gender Bolivian weaving complicated patterns and counting oNumeracy in schools supermarkets etc Applying math skills in every day life is largely uncorrelated to performance in schoolLearning takes place most effectively in the context it is pertaining tooNumeracy is to mathematics as language is to literature Assignment 1 Read Numeracy and write a commentary 450500 words whether you agreedisagree with the above statement DUE WEDNESDAY in class What is a number oTheres actually an issueoHas been the topic of contentions of many philosophies oCould mean different things in different contexts at different times Our perception could change As a child familiar withcounting numberso1 apple 2 oranges etc oMeasurement and distance oMost people have the functional understanding ofKnow how to manipulate them
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