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Sophie Chrysostomou

RLGA01H3 2011 Fall Key Terms for the Lectures on Hinduism: sanatana dharma- eternal law/ eternal duty tilak (or tilaka)- the most common visual sign of Hindu culture is the forehead mark or Tilaka , especially the red dot worn by married women. Some men wear is also, mainly the ascetics and temple priests. A forehead mark in the Hindu tradition may be interpreted in many ways depending on gender and martial status. Marks denoting affiliation to particular deity may be made with white clay, sandalwood past, smoke-collyrium, flower petals or ash. Bharata- indigenous term for india Karma-The doctrine of karma assumes that a natural causal mechanism conditions individual destiny Samsara Bhakta- devotee Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo-Daro –site in the Indus valley Harappa- Aryans- They were not highly organized. They were nomads rather than settled agriculturalists Sanskrit- the official language of the hindu religion Puranas- The Puranas: a new collection of texts composed to extol the glories of the deities and specify the forms of worship. Many Hindus today revere the Puranas as the fifth Veda. Bhagavad-Gita- This view is expressed in the Bhagavad Gita. Desireless action is possible only through egoless bhakti faith; The true suspension of all karma is impossible. Vedas Rg-Veda- indra is the most important deva(god) Yajur-Veda Sama-Veda Atharva-Veda Samhitas Brahmans- the priests Aranyakas Upanishads prana Atman Brahman- the single source of all that is. Rita- known as an abstract impersonal principle that governed the world Purusha (or Purusa)- A great primeval sacrifice performed by the gods in which the body of a victim called Purusha was dismembered. The Laws of Manu- attributed to the sage Manu, articulates the etiquette and duties of each class (varna) and of each age group in the new brahman-dominated society. varna jatis- hereditary occupational groups. Brahman- the priest ksatriya-the rulers and warriors vaisya- the common people sudra- a class of menials Dharmasastra - New texts known collectively as the Dharmasastra were created. The Dharmasastra assume that one’s birth location is the most telling indication of one’s karma. Asramas- In Hinduism, the Fo
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