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Vectors in the Euclidean n-space n DEFINITION: If n is a positive integer, the Euclidean n-space, R , is the collection of all ordered n-tuples of real numbers. n There are two types of n-tuples in R : (a1,a2,,a n [a1,a2,,a n The zero vector in R is the vector containing zeroes in all of its components: 0= [0,0,,0]. Geometric Interpretation of Vectors. 2 3 In R In R : In R www.notesolution.comWe can generalize and say that the vector a = [a ,a ,1,a2], in ins standard position, is the arrow that starts at the origin (0,0,,0) and ends at the point (a ,a ,1,2 ) . n A vector of the same length and direction as a, is the vector a translated to another position in R . For this reason it is also called a. n n Vector Algebra in R : Let v = [v ,1 ,2,v ] nnd w = [w ,w ,1,w2] be innR and r R. We dene 1. Vector Addition: v + w = [v +1w ,v 1 w2,,2 + w ].n n 2. Vector Subtraction: v w = [v 1w ,v 1 w2,,2 w ].n n 3. Scalar Multiplication: rv = [rv 1rv ,2,rv ].n EXAMPLE: Geometric Interpretation 2 2011 by Sophie Chrysostomou
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