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Lecture 7

MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Wiebe Bijker, Substantivism, Qwerty

Media Studies
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Lewis Kaye

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Couiatio Tehology ad Soiety: Theory ad Pratie
Oeie of Toda
1. thikig aout Teholog
2. teholog ad Weste Soiet
3. edia oegee
4. the iteet ad digitalizatio
Reap of Last Class
1. h stud audiees?
2. Si theoetial
3. Appoahes to the audiee
4. Idust audiee aalsis
5. The tasfoig audiee
Perspeties o tehology
Ho do deies fit ito soiety?
Coeted to soial, politial, ad eooi stutues, ealig ouiatio
aoss tie, aoss spae, ad ith a uliited ue of iteloutos
Slak ad Wise
Tehologies ae iheetl soial ad ultual
Tehologies ae poduts ad paties that assue thei speifi fo thaks to
thei patiula oetios
Teholog eflets the oeall ogaizatio of the soiet i hih it eists
Thikig aout Tehology
Teholog is a alue-eutal tool that helps us ahiee ou goals oe effiietl; a
eas to a ed
Tehologial deteriis
Teholog opeates aodig to a iheet 固有, iteal logi; it a e eplaied
ithout efeee to soiet
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