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Lecture 9

MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, Canadian Content, Technological Convergence

Media Studies
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Lewis Kaye

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Couiatios Poli: “eto  “eto
Reap of last lass
1. Bak to the futue
2. The ole of the puli
3. The Aid Coissio,  The Roal Coissio o Radio Boadastig
4. Masse-Leesue,-
5. Fole, -
6. Appleau-Heet, -
Oeie of Toda
1. Teleouiatios
2. Boadastig
3. Reoded Musi
4. Ciea
5. Ne Media
6. Pulishig
7. Postal “eie
Couiatios poli ust adapt to hages i the ass ouiatios sphee
-the egig of tehologies, edia fos, ad edia idusties
We ae uikl adaptig to a edia sape i hih e hae ieasig hoie aout
ho, he, ad hee e osue edia
Coflits etee iteatioal tade ageeets ad ultual poliies
Tade etee the U“ ad Caada
-if o Caadia ultual poliies ee i plae, Aeia podutios ould easil
flood ou aketplae
-Caadia ultual eeptios 免責 ee ade, ut eeptios 例外 ould allo
the U“ to etaliate 報復 ad seek fiaial edess 矯正
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Thee is o geeal eeptio fo ultual idusties ude the WTO
Coetio 公約 o the Podutio ad Pootio of the Diesit of Cultual
Epessios 表達UNE“CO,
-Caadia as fist to atif 批准
-this oetio has ot ee siged  the U“ ad to date has o eaig o
iteatioal tade la
A  illio idust ith si susetos: loal ielie telephoe seie, log-
distae ielie telephoe seie, iteet seies, data tasissio, piate lie,
ad ieless seies
Teleouiatios At
-goes teleouiatios teholog, ifastutue, ad distiutio etoks
i Caada
-does ot ouiatios otet
Caadia Radio-teleisio ad Teleouiatios CoissioCRTC
-Efoes the Teleouiatios At
-Dieted to itefee ith aket foes as little as possile
-four asi priiples: trasparey, fairess, preditaility, ad tielies
-Has efaied 避免 fo egulatig oile, etail 零售 iteet, iteatioal,
satellite, ad log-distae telephoe seies
-Iteees 干涉 i aeas egadig taiffs 關稅 ad the liesig of iteatioal
teleouiatios seies
Teleouiatios opaies poide tasissio seies
-oo aies ae oliged to 義務 a essages fo a opa o idiidual
e.g. telephoe opaies.
-Cotat aies a essages ol fo speifi opaies o idiiduals e.g.
piate ouiatios seies otated  aks.
-tasitio fo oopol 壟斷 to opetig seies odel i CRTC Teleo
Deisio -
Cuet idust oes ilude tehologial oegee, aket egulatio,
spetu 系列 alloatio 分配, ad etok eutalit
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