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Lecture 3

MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Soft Media, Long Shot, Communication Strategies In Second-Language Acquisition

Media Studies
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michael petit

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Authority-disorder: Portrayal of attention b/w order (leaders, etc) & disorder (criminals,
chaos, etc)
-individuals in sensationalistic conflicts that separate from social contexts, patterns, or
structures that can be resolved thru authorities
-bias= diff types of photo, stanford vs black guy
Increase in soft news (emotional news):
Emotional appeals that are high in entertainment value but low in edu or info value-
Hard News (imp issues):
Sustained reporting on impt issues, citizens= informed decisions
Episodic (1 or 2 individuals responsible):
Case study/ event-orientated approach, 1 or 2 individuals responsible
Thematic (All of us responsible):
“Backgrounder” approach, all of us responsible= we have little control
Authority & credibility, photo= neutral & objective, direct representation of reality,
tension b/w natural & symbolic
-photojournalists= highly skilled manipulators, construct images that don’t feel
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