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8 Apr 2012
Organizational Analysis Lec 3
September 27/ 2011
The media critic who adopts an organizational approach or perspective is interested in the
precise ways that the structure of an organization and the processes it undertakes mutually
influence one another within an organization.
One way to get at that relationship is to analyze the communicative practices that occur within
Organization A system (network) or ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed
toward specific goals
Structure = form; the underlying framework of an organization
a. hierarchy relationship of roles
b. specialization division of an organization
into units
c. formalization formal standards
Process = an organization’s substance; what it does
Structure + Process = Organizational Culture
Map These Characteristics of Organization Culture onto UTSC:
Performances productive and purposeful displays that include:
Rituals things engaged in or a regular basis
Sociality codes of etiquette
Politics specific and different types of politics within any organization
Enculturation bring newcomers into the organization
Structure + Process = Organizational Culture
Map These Characteristics of Organization Culture onto UTSC:
2. Narratives Stories we tell ourselves about ourselves
3. Texts written documents and texts that an organization produces
4. Management how an organization is directed or managed
5. Technology the environment in which one does ones work within the organization
Conventions The norms that govern the technical and creative choices that members of an
organization make.
Professionalization The process by which an individual with free will and choice is transformed
(i.e. socialized) into an ideological subject (i.e. professional) whose behaviours and actions
reaffirm one’s status as a professional.
Conventions arise in part from Professionalization. Conventions are:
1. Motivated develop out of a pragmatic need
2. Shared shared by others
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