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MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Neil Postman, Media Ecology, Ethnography

Media Studies
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Reception Analysis
Method of analysis that stress audience interpretations as the primary site of meaning
Who is the receptee and who is the receptor
How is information taken or received?
The ethnographic Method
Defined: an approach to understanding human social phenomena based upon fieldowkr, often
involving both qualitiative (interviews) and qunatiiatve (surveys) data.
Participant observation a set of research strategies that aim to understand a given group of
indidviduals and their practices through intimate, intensive involvement with them in their
natural setting. Requires eemmersion.
Focus groups save time, get at things quickly. Have 8 pepole, instead of doing everything 1 on 1.
Ecological Analysis: Wemake our tools and then our tools make us.
The medium is the message.
Miedum is messssaggge; tattoos are stigmatized.
Neil pOstman
-media ecology looks at how media of communication affect human perception, understanding, feeling
and value
Kenneth Burke
-equipmennt for living
Key concepts: hirearc hy
Kenneth burke
-equipment for living
Ways of resolving guilt:
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