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Lecture 10

MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Pepper Spray, Xander Harris, Wii

Media Studies
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Closed text, told a story, follow along. Meaning is given to you.
Open text: you play a role, choices definitely to be made. Invited to participate. Participate and
find what meaning is
Curising: drawing interperatiotn thourhg the body and nto the text
Fandom: online interaction. Develop own script or story lines. Frredom that fans play in terms of
writing content. Not all shows or all media or all kinds of authors are going to embrace with you
messign around with their characters. Spike and Xander from Buff, fandom has involved them in
a gay sex scene.
Erotic Analysis
Media Erotics explore the array of resisteve pleasures that audiences derive from media by
examining the various sensuous, creative and transgressive ways in which persons use and
interpret media.
Both disruptive tf the status quo or established order nad productive of something new. Eros:
“the liberator”, erotic is pleasure. Eros was often referred to as Illtheroes, the liberator.
Metaphor: anytime you create meems or images, pepper spray cop, youi are presenting a
metaphor and meanings are drawn from that. This type of interpration that is there. Resistence is
contextual. This means that there is a context that is begin created, a metahp-or is being created,
that is the content. Resistance in the sense of contextual. Takes place whithin the meida.
Resistance is tactical. As in strategic and with purpose, want to affect something. Has purpose.
Purpose here is to make people stand up and notice that peopkel are together. Resistance is
cumlulative, being done and executed in a number of different ways. Use media for social
change. Resistence is incremental.
Resistive pleasures( 244.-247)
Know and understand the following terms
Open text/ closed text
o Plsair is pleasure within the social sturcutre and order
o Jousiannce: is pleasure that is release form social order
o Interpretive play: we are dealing with thigns that requires us to interpret the
meida. Deal with interpretation
o Abjection, carnivalesque, intertexualtiy, irony, limanlity, depthlessness:
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