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2nd Lecture Notes

Media Studies
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Kesayini Manoharan MDSA02-Second LectureJan 18
-History is a narrative constructed around key events and facts
-History is subjective and it is always a part of its own historical movement
-Historiography: the way you go about conducting history
-Technology encourages major changes in social organization
-History of communication is important to human history
Technological determinism: technology drives social structures and culture, your not able to
think yourself and technology influences you, people resist this because they dont believe
that technology controls them
Tends to operate in a continuum:
Extreme: lead to extreme consequences (people buy into it), believe tech has the ability
to transform us
Weak: Technology helps you understand society in a better way but does not control you
Voluntarists: choose to use technology
-Technology is an extension of human capability
Debate Question: Is technology dictated through culture or is it voluntary?
Culture drives technology or does technology come out of the needs from culture
-We create it first and then it uses us
What is progress?
-Development in a positive direction
Writing Restructures Thought Article
-If you havent made the transition (still illiterate) youre considered to be ill
-technology: everything built by humans
-Calculator externalizes what should be internal (arithmetic)
-smarter when the information is in the brain= Plato
-only now we think that its considered ill to be illiterate
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