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Feb 8 Lecture Note

Media Studies
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Ted Petit

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MDSA02 February 8
*Class was only for an hour
Space and time have a bias
Papyrus, paper, electronic media biased towards space
Clay tablets, vellum is biased towards time, lasts a long time but it is not very
easy to transport
During 1100s-1300s technology was on the rice
Invention of the mechanical clock, paper manufacturer
This period is very significant
Alfred Crosby
argues oral to literate with the printing press
precision creates new understanding
1280: Invention of eyeglasses
Opus talks about optics
Allowed people to be more engaged
Human consciousness increased with the invention of the telescope
Whole new world out there
Clock: 13th century
A means of social control
We have the means to measure
A model of precision
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