MDSD02H3 Lecture Notes - Jacques Lacan, Phallic Stage, Erogenous Zone

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Pleasure principal is the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire. Desire- or an appetite for something that promises enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure in its attainment (includes sexual desires, food and power) Freud associates the pleasure principal with the id the inherited, instinctual part of the psyche. The pleasure principal pushes individuals toward unrestricted satisfaction of every desire. Reality principal represents the constant curbing of desire according to possibility, law or social convention. As infants we are driven to uncontrolled desires however, we learn to control that drive as we grow older and integrate into society. Reality principal is associated with the ego the regulatory part of the conscious mind that comes to a decision on whether the attempt to obtain satisfaction to be carried out or suppressed. The control of the ego is the reason why we find pleasure in shocking, thrilling and upsetting aspects of life. Repression the process of mentally containing our desires below conscious recognition or expression.