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Lecture 8

MDSA01 Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

MDSA01: Lecture 8 notes  Totalizing claim—something that is all-encompassing o EX: Marx‟s base ^ superstructure, Freud‟s unconscious, Lacan & Freud‟s phallocentric o Male gaze, Laura Mulvey‟s narration  Dreamworlds—looks at the ways women are portrayed in music videos, and contrasts that with how the same behaviour comes across in real life. Women who are pleased in music videos feel violated and upset in real life  Propaganda—“...the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behaviour to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.” Everything around us is propaganda, including this class  Feminism in a global context—woman in Afghanistan shot because she stood for feminism. Non-Western countries deal with this level of discrimination o Women‟s rights have progressed significantly in the last two decades, but major challenges remain in order to end global gender discrimination. Film: The Unfinished Revolution o The voluptuous female body is a cultural form, too (as are all bodies), and was a coercive ideal in the „50s. It seems clear, however, that in terms of Madonna‟s own former lexicon of meanings—within which feminine voluptuousness and the choice to be round in a culture of the lean was clearly connected to spontaneity....etc.  Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend—Marilyn Monroe, she is the focus of the film. Wearing bright colours, portrayed as the ideal woman, etc. Compare this to Madonna‟s Open Your Heart, and Madonna‟s Material Girl o 30 years later, what has changed? o In the music video for Material Girl, the director is watching Madonna through the camera—similar to Peeping Tom situation, we are watching him watc
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