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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Michael Petit

MDSA01- Lecture 10  Text Book: structure, content & audience/reaction to media  Reception Analysis: method of analysis that stresses audience interpretation as the primary site of meaning making  Roman Jakobson: - Russian linguist & foundational figure in semiotics & the structural analysis of language - He distinguishes 6 communication functions, each associated with a dimension of the communication process  Poe’s Law  Old-school traditional views: - hypodermic model: media “injects” people with various people - two-step flow: certain individuals are more active in the media - cultivation analysis: heavy viewing of media gives individuals a distorted view of the world  The Frankfurt School: accepted self-consciousness (PAGE 40-41 textbook)  Stuart Hall: the encoding/decoding model  Code: a set of rules that govern the use of visual & linguistic signs within a culture - Dominant - Oppositional: take a contrary stance - Negotiated: give & take  The surveillance state  John Fiske  Polysemy – ON EXAMS! – “many meanings” – refers to relative openness of media texts to multiple interpretations - Semiotic excess – the greater the semiotic excess, the more interpretations possible - Producerly – an open writerly text that is also popular; it relies on audience members already possessing certain interpretive competencies, which they apply in a self-interested productive way - Limitations/problems: - not everyo
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