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Media Studies
Ted Petit

QueerAnalysis • interdisciplinary perspective • seeks to disrupt socially constructed systems over meaning regarding human sexuality • sexuality ◦ emotional, romantic, sexual attraction towards others • Binary ◦ heterosexuality/homosexuality • Queer theorists work to expose shortcomings and labels • political • Queer ◦ things at the odds ◦ does not refer to anything specific ◦ everyone's definitions are different ◦ homophobic connotation? • Heteronormativity ◦ coined in 1991 by queer theorist Micheal Warner to describe any set of lifestyle norms that make people assume genders “naturally” fall into roles ◦ make hetro normal ◦ anything outside the Heteronormative system is “perverse” ◦ Google “love story” ▪ only images of male and female love ◦ language ▪ faggot, dyke, sissy, pansy, fairy ▪ power ▪ political movement • shove words back at people • “that's mr fag to you” • Sexual Stereotypes in Media ◦ Heterosexuality • normal • natural • love • purity • gender clarity ◦ Homosexuality • abnormal • hyper-sexual • perversion • Commercials ◦ show small signs of acceptance ▪ pride flag in background but not mentioned • make homosexuals feel accepted by making them think that they are in the norm • queer audience accepts even the smallest amount of shout out to them; they look for
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