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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Reception Analysis • depends on audience to understand references; audience interpretation • Roman Jakobson (1896- 1982) ◦ Linguist and foundational figure in semiotics and structural analysis of language • Poe's Law ◦ difficult to distinguish parodies and real thing/ fundamentalism ◦ we must be more critical in order to understand ◦ some things are so extreme that they seem so fake • Old- school Traditional Views of Media ◦ Hypodermic Model ▪ media “injects” people with various beliefs ▪ advertisers advertise, consumers buy ▪ “false consciousness” ▪ media theorists today reject this idea because a lot of people don’t buy into commercials and consumerism ◦ Two Step Flow ▪ certain individuals are more active in their attention to media and dessinate information to others ▪ audiences follow these “opinion leaders” ◦ Cultivation Analysis ▪ Heavy viewing of media gives people false beliefs ▪ Fox News ▪ Marilyn Manson • rock music is bad influence on kids... blah blah blah • points out media keeps people in fear so they will consume ▪ Uses and Gratification • individuals consciously consume media for their own needs • The Frankfurt School (pg 40- 41) ▪ The Encoding/ Decoding Model (Stuart Hall) • Code ◦ a set of rules that govern the use of visual and linguistic signs with a culture ◦ codes are never neutral • Dominant, oppositional, negotiated • Encoding ◦ the process of creating messages according to a particular code • Decoding ◦ the process of using a code to
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