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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Garry Martin Leonard

LEC01 Media Studies 05/07/2013 Critical Essay- you only have to do one of the two (the better mark) Midterm- chapter 1-5 Final exam- chapter 6-13 Video (do you want to date my avator) - viral videos - the guild - virtural games - what exactly is reality ??? - is having a facebook like having a avatar - how you present yourself Key concepts - Critical Studies - mass media - medium - postmodernity - socialization - theory Interdisiplinary - humanities - social science - soc and psy anthro - vast subject - reperesnt a vast range of veiw - social theory o how media in term of inductire messages and audiences shape knowledge, perception and understanding o govern and theorizes with society o how social theory highlys society How we know what we know - medium o what exactly is a medium??? Lense through which is touhcing on another topic , means od carrying a message, filtering - media o what is mass media??? Broadcast it is where me go from the producer to the public (example tv as it use to be before th internet tve has become something different with the creat of new technologies) print motion picture broadcase new media (things that go fromone to many) o
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