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Media Studies
Michael Petit

phantom lady (1944)  directed by Robert Siodmak o jazz band scene  basically saw a sex scene psychoanalytic analysis  why do media studies scholars adopt a psychoanalytic framework to analysis media artifact  repressed or lost desires influences the creation of media artifact and explain mental drives activated by those artifacts  this approach is generally founded o the genesis of individual psychology o the psychology of the media artifact Freudian psychoanalysis  Sigmund Freud‟s – totalizing theory  Fred‟s model of the human psyche o Perceptional consciousness  The conscious awareness provided by your senses o Pre-conscious  Things easily called to your conscious mind o Conscious mind  Perceptional consciousness and preconscious  ID o Associated with the pleasure principal  The uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire, including libido, human sexual desire  The one and only urge of the id is toward satisfaction  “its the dark inaccessible part of our personality”  SUPER EGO o Associated with the reality principle, the constant curbing of the desire according to possibility; laws both written and unwritten  EGO The boundary between the conscious and unconscious is permeable The unconscious can reveal itself though:  Dreams  Slips of the tongue ( Freudian slip) Lacanian Psychoanalysis  Jacque Lacan (1901-1981) o Borromean rings  Real, imaginary and symbolic  Imaginary o The pre-linguistic realm  The mirror stage: a moment of recognition and misrecognition ( I am there whole and complete  Symbolic o Language is the symbolic : the symbolic realm- structures orders anc constrains the impulse for the imaginary This yearning for absent pleasure becomes a sense of lack. We are traooed u a reality whose socil order and language keep us feom knowning or expressing pleasure fully> lack is the state of human existence  “The „no‟ of the fathe
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