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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

May 21 2013Lec 2Marxist AnalysisKey ConceptsHistorical materialismIntegrationProfit MotiveMarxismMultinationalismConcentrationConglomerationSuperstructureBaseWhat is Marxist AnalysisKarl MarxGerman Philospher 18181883Tremendous influence around the globeIn economics politics and all social theoryThen and sinceRegarded by some as the most influential social thinker of his timeprovides the underpinnings for communism and socialismmaterial condition in which people are born and influences how people view society and their roles in society possible exam materialWhat is the economic system behind mediaWho owns controls the mediaA fair number of things are owned under a set of ownersCould have a biased opinion What role do the media play in societyAre ideas spread or neglected by the mediaYes by repeating a particular idea over and over eg The Middle East as an unsafe place an enemy Ideas are also neglected that helps to distort stories What kind of heroes are shown in the mediaWhat kind of demonsWhat is the mode of productionA reference to economy that refers tothe way things are produced Around the globe and throughout history there have been different ways that people have produced the needs of societyHunting and gathering societies Farming societiesIndustrialized Societies
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