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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Media StudiesChapter 1Introducing Critical Media Studies How We Know What We Know Everything we know is learnedSomatically directly o direct sensory perception of our environment first hand unmediated experience o We know how things look smell feel sound taste because we have seen smelled felt heard tasted themo Very small percentage of the total things we know Symbolically indirectlyo Large percentage of the total things we knowo We know things through someone or something parent friend teacher museum textbook photograph interneto This information comes to us through a medium middleindirect channel Medium middleindirect channelpast primary mediumpeopleo travelled very slowely passed throughaltered through multiple mediums present primary mediummass media addresses large number of people in remote locations simultaneously Who Are the Mass MediaMedia communication technologies humans cave drawings smoke signals letters telegraph books magazines newspapers radio films television iPods cell phones video games computersMass Media communication technologieshas the potential to reach large audiences in remote locations collapses spacetranscend physical distance Mass Media Categories 1 Print Media o first mass medium o German Printer Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type p
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