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Media Studies
Ted Petit

SLIDE TWO Theory: -widely accepted idea that is not actually proven SLIDE THREE -critical lens: give close up view of some issue/view, but still distorting because so very specific and does not look at the 'big picture' -it's only by having a whole bunch of critical lenses that we get the full picture -pull what's useful from all of kinds of theories/lenses SLIDE FOUR -slackoise: 'us' -all these forces placed upon us in terms of political economy SLIDE FIVE -was biased due to the fact that it didn't talk to any 'bigger players' -but was fairly unbiased die to the fact that the journalists hand you the story to make up your own mind SLIDE SIX -taking a stand, thus showing bias SLIDE SEVEN -this article shows just how the youth are been treated in society -youth were tired of having no job opportunities, trying to get their voices heard, and yet their movement is being ignored and some-what ridiculed SLIDE EIGHT -no news reports showed anything about this incident, ignored it completely SLIDES NINE-TEN -these pictures/videos show a whole different side to these protests that the media has completely ignored -this shows that the media has been biased thus far in reporting the events that have occured -we need to look more carefully about who's writing and their sources (e.g. slide 7) SLIDE ELEVEN -a frame/analytical lens SLIDE THIRTEEN -broad, encompassing definition -uoft is an organization and we're all part of it hierarcy: different levels of authority specialization: different majors/distinction between proffs and students formalization: the 'rituals' of lectures, tutorials SLIDE FOURTEEN -rituals: class -
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