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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Roughly speaking Marxist media scholars look at the effects of ownership and economics on the production and distribution of media context Marxist scholars are interested in how this notion of media content as a product in turn shapes the way it looks and circulates Section 1 Marxism an Over view p22Marxism A theory and both a social and political movement that is rooted in the idea that society is the history of class struggleOrigins are with Karl Marx and Frederich EnglesMarxs theory was that the economic structure determines the class structureTo a Marxistsocial consciousness as encoded in institutions such as culture education politics and the judicial system is referred to at the superstructure reflects the material conditions of society which he termed to be the economic baseFor Marx a society based on a capitalist mode of production is inherently exploitive because it creates two classes a working class and a ruling class Proletariat working classBourgeoisie ruling classThe bourgeoisie own and control the means of production in society leaving the proletariat with only being able to sell their labourProfit Motive the desire to increase capitalSection 2 Patterns of Ownership p24Concentration p25 Reflects an organizational state in which the owner ship and control of an entire industry such as the mass media is controlled by just a few companies Also known as oligopoliesOligopolies make it difficult for smaller independent businesses to survive These large companies do not compete with one another but act like partners because they each control so much of the industryConglomeration p 26 the corporate practice of accumulating multiple though not necessarily media companies and businesses through startups mergers buyouts and take oversie Disney acquiring PixarIntegration p29 an ownership pattern in which the subsidiary companies or branches within a corporation are strategically interrelated there are two major kinds of integration vertical and horizontalVertical integration a corporation that owns and controls various aspects of production and distribution within a single mediaMakes lots of money and the parent company oversees the operationHorizontal Integrationa corporation dominates one stage in the production process or at the same level in the value chain
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