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Media Studies
Ted Petit

INTRODUCING CRITICAL MEDIA STUDIES CH 1Somaticallythese are things we know through direct sensory perception of our environmentwe know how some things look smell taste or sound because we have personally experienced with them Symbolicallythese are things we know through someone or something such as a parent friend teacher books radio movies internet etc Symbolically information is mediatedmeaning that is came to us via some indirect channel or medium Mass Mediumany of the means of communication as television or newspapers that reaches very large numbers of people Prior to mass mediainformation came from peoplemessages were communicated by people thus travelled slowly and was altered each time eg broken telephone Personal mediainformation from people eg hand written lettersCritical media studiesis about the social and cultural consequences of that revolutionary capabilityMediais a broad term that includes a diverse array of communication technologies such as human beings cave drawings smoke signals radio telephone books film etc Mass mediaor those communication technologies that have the potential t
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