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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Lecture 3: Organizational Analysis  What is an Organization? Structural body that operates under a certain set of rules  Those rules are clearly understood . How do you know what the rules are? o The leader of the organization will enforce those rules o Corporate culture/ organizational culture – there is an understanding that takes place o Wearing a suit, and business clothing is a type of organizational culture o What are examples of breaking rules of a particular culture?  Using different languages to communicate in various contexts (friends, vs. employers) . Our speech changes to adapt to various people. There are various cultural contexts which dictate how we communicate with different people. o Social identity – it is who you are within a given group or context o Media works in the same way, if media is a particular voice that is being portrayed to society, what fits, what is accepted and what portrays the values of the organization. o Each is reflected in a different types of lens. So there are different lens that affect our interpretations o What was the organizational culture that interpreted the media? Do you think there are such things as organizational influences on media?  MADD (mothers against drunk driving)- purpose is to provide awareness and bring forward attitudes that driving and drinking under the influence is harmful and bad  An organizations motivation is to try to change certain behaviour. They try to get this message across  Organizational analysis is a view: interested in the precise ways that the structure of an organization and the processes it undertakes mutually influence one another in the production of media. o Catholic church, ismali does this organization has values that they put into media and why ? o They place core values into the media , and enforce those values on others o Understand the communicative practises that occur within an organization.  Organization: a system (network) or ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed toward specific goals  Structure=form o Underlying framework of an organization o Hierarchy – relationship of those roles o Specialization: division of organization into units o Formalization: formal standards o Not all organizations have a hierarchy, they don’t all have some form of specialization. Its not always the case,  Process=behaviour , how things are influenced to be done  An organization’s substance, o What it does ? how does the church influence community ? A church is a community that has services, institutions that attract other people. They try to influence community values which reflect back to what they stand for. o What is organizational analysis?  Performances organizational culture o Rituals : things engaged in on a regular basis o Sociality: codes of etiquette o Politics: specific and different types of politics within any organization o Enculturation : bring newcomers into the organization o Narratives organizational culture o Stories we tell ourselves about ourselves . How an organization is directed or managed  What are we allowed/not allowed to do? For utsc, there are certain
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