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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Organizational analysis: trumpet magazine - Trumpet is published by the Philadelphia church of god created and published the article. - The magazine has a religious overtone. Titles of articles include “the way of a Christian” - “children of married parents do better than children of single parent families” - What is the position of the organization and how does that influence the perception of the audience - How does this reflect organizational analysis? There exposing certain values, and those values happen to be those of Christianity. They are well funded, as well - Pragmatic analysis refers to policy and regulation: - Organizational motivations of the voices that are in the media Pragmatic analysis  is related to policy analysis - Policy analysis: what are the policies and regulations as they pertain to media Case Study : violence and phones - How social media fuels social unrest ? - The use of cellphones in Britain. Do we need a technology of encryption for our cell phone communication? Is this something of benefit or harm? - Phones should only be incripted as a business only application, to prevent people from hacking into phones to prevent others from stealing business models etc. - The company is unable to disclose private information of users to other people , even when they are committing a crime (bbm it to a person etc) - Blackberry has no right to reveal the private information of its users - Is there particular policies that have a bias ? o Child avatars, and adults pretending to be children for the purpose of having online sex o Restriction: there will be a certain point where the fulfillment that arises from cyber sex will not be satisfying , hence the person can go too far with the game, and emulate such actions In the real world. o So , ones actions in the virtual world could get carried into the real world o Does video game violence contribute to violence or is it just entertainment?  If virtual violence doesn’t beget violence, than virtual pedophilia doesn’t beget pedophilia?  Its very difficult to regulate a fantasy and an imaginary world. To regulate it you need to regulate the imagination, and that’s almost impossible to do  A habit can be difficult to break and theres a fine line between the virtual world and reality  Another argument posits that there is a lot of pornographic material on the
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